Luis Cuevas

Welcome friends, My name is Luis but most people refer to me simply as Cuevas. I am a self-taught Visual Artist, Professional Photographer and Graphic Designer. 

My creative journey started as an adolescent, gaining a talent in drawing and multimedia fine art was the root to my creative aspirations. As I got older photography found its way into my life and I quickly developed a passion for the craft. My style ranges long and wide, Im constantly challenging myself to apply my skills in any situation in order to capture those priceless moments that often go overlooked.   

"Featured by Snappr as one of the highest-rated photographers in Bridgeport!"

Specialize in..

- Lifestyle / Formal Events

- Night Life

- Model / Portrait

- Children / Newborn

- Automotive


University of Bridgeport // Shintaro Akatsu School of Design (SASD)